Appreciated for its natural approach and its obvious results, osteopathy is defined as a soft manual medicine, which is used to restore the balance of your body and assure a greater well-being. 


The body's structures (skeleton, muscles, ligaments, joints, organs) are interdependent and in cases of dysfunction, could cause pains.


The osteopath « time keeper of the body » uses only his hands. Thanks to a fine palpation, he looks for a loss of mobility in patients  tissues, which causes the unwanted discomfort. The osteopath therefore goes beyond the symptoms. He studies his patient in its entirety, physically and psychologically, to look for and handle the cause of the problem. The osteopath chooses the most comfortable and best adapted technique for each patient, according to his age and to his morphology.


Classified in medicine of first intention, osteopathy is not covered by a doctor's prescription. 



Andrew Taylor Still  est un américain, fondateur du concept thérapeutique de l'ostéopathie.
For who? For what?

Osteopathy at any age of life : from birth to old age including pregnant women and sportsmen.


Ostopathy is recognized at first for its capacity to ease pains and problems linked to the musculo-scrawny system : neck pains (stiff neck), lumbago, dorsodynias, costal pains, pubalgies, joint pains (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle), sprains, tendinitus, jaw's disorders. Osteopathy also relieves joint pains linked to degenerative osteoarthritis.


Osteopathy also acts on :


  • The neurological system : sciatica, curalgies, cervicobrachial neuralgias, intercostal neuralgias, facial neuralgias, Amold's neuralgia, syndrome of the carpal channel.

  • The neurovegetative system : stress, anxiety, sleeping disorder, headaches.

  • The digestive system : transit's disorder, the ebb gastroenteritis-esophageal, chronic constipation, bloated, colites, hyatale hernia. 

  • The ENT system : thinitises, chronocles's sinusitis, dizziness migraines, tinnitus.



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