Pregnant women




Pregnancy subjects the body to many modifications in welcoming the baby. Female posture is going to be modified throughout the pregnancy with a hyperhollow-back which appears (curve lumbar vertebrae), fulcrums (supports) on the ground which change, and these joints are subjected to more constraints because of the weight gained. Your posture changes. 

For pregnant women,  this can cause discomfort or pain in the following areas : the back, the hips, the coccyx, the pelvis, or at the level of the lower limbs, sometimes awakening old pains such as sciatic.


Through soft techniques, your osteopath is then going to act on :

  • modifiying your posture : modification of your center of gravity,

  • the zones where curvature has changed,

  • the tensions of the diaphragm,

  • the congestive state.






  • Sciatalgies, lumbago, cruralgies, pubalgies.

  • Coccygiennes pains, in the pubic zone.

  • Diffuse joint pains, alinement of the hips.

  • Rib cage pains, difficulty breathing.

  • Disorders or urinary incontinence.

  • Digestive disorders : ebb, gastric …

  • Preparation of the hips for birth. 




Number of consultations


In a general way : one/two sessions per quarter.

A session a month before childbirth : at the end of the 8th or at the beginning of the 9th month.

With your agreement, if it's necessary, your osteopath will get in touch with your doctor. 


NB : they are exempt from obstetric conventional follow-up.

After childbirth (post-partum)



Consultation's motives:


  • Osteopathic and postural balance sheet.

  • Sciatalgies, lumbago, post-cruralgies partum.

  • Pains coccygiennes, pudendales (zone of the pubis).

  • Postural back pain connected or not to the feeding .

  • Costal pains, breathing difficulties.

  • Urinary, gynecologic disorders. 







Childbirth can be one of  babies first traumas. 

Whether it's by classic low way, using spatulas, suction cup, pair of forceps, or even by caesarian with a bad position in utero. Newborn child are subjected to cranial pressures which can have immediate consequences as a little deformed head, skull flattened of a highly-rated one (plagiocéphalie) or later as a scoliosis, an attitude scoliotique, ENT disorders...

A very soft examination of the newborn child will easily detect the minor dysfunctions at the origin of all these troubles. By an appropriate manual correction, always soft, your baby will find all his joy of life. Expert and attentive osteopath's hands ill allow him to start well in life.





  • Regurgitations not linked to an allergy of milk protein.

  • Infant's stomach pain, difficulty sleeping.

  • ENT chronic disturb, narrow-minded lacrimal canal. 

  • Articular costal follow up, as a supplement to the respiratory physiotherapy.

  • Head rotation always on the same side, always sleeps on the same side.

  • Stiff neck of the newborn child.

  • Asymmetry of skull, skull's flattening linked or not to an instrumentation (forceps' pairs, spatulas, suction cups..).

  • Instrumentation, difficult, too long or too fast childbirth.

  • Facial asymmetry (smaller eye, diverted mouth, protruding ear...).

  • Feeding : suction's difficulty.


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