Your Osteopath

Osteopath D.O graduate of a french establishement approved by the Ministry of Health.


Specialized in the pediatric and perinatal osteopathy (Maternity Hospital «Les Bleuets », Pierre Rouquès Hospital, Paris 12).


Yohan taught osteopathy to the «  Institut Privé d’Ostéopathie Supérieur de Pantin », where he was also a clinical supervisor. 

After several years working in the 2nd district of Paris, as well as at the private Hospital Saint-Thérèse in the 17th, he currently practise his activity in Israel today, in Tel-Aviv. 

Consultations by appointment

From sunday to thursday from 8am to 8pm, friday from 8am to 4pm


Osteopathe D.O.

+972 (0) 53 708 19 10



Mercaz Baalei Melaha 13, Tel-Aviv

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